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,Reservoir Link executive director Thien Chiet Chai

KUALA LUMPUR: Reservoir Link Energy Bhd has completed the transfer of its listing to the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia after having adhered to all the listing criteria as well as receiving the relevant approvals.

The energy related services provider, in a statement, said the transfer to the Main Market will be in effect starting June 27.

Executive director Thien Chiet Chai said: “This transfer to the Main Market is a monumental feat for us as it represents our intentions to continuously grow our business delivering immeasurable value. This transfer comes just short of two years since our listing on the ACE Market.”

“We are now ready for the next phase of our exciting journey following the elevation of our listing status paired with bright prospects from our business segments which reflect the demand for both the oil and gas and renewables in Malaysia,” he added.

At midday, Reservoir Link added 0.5 sen to 36 sen. Year-to-date, the counter has fallen about 34%.

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